Automotive Videoscopes and Borescopes

Automotive industry has been utilizing remote visual inspections. Automotive borescopes have become one of the popular ways of provide solutions of internal inspections. They are used for inspecting cylinder bores, gearboxes, engine castings, body shells and finished vehicles. They are ideal to provide the best performance while investigating different problems without teardown such as checking internal condition of components for carbon deposits and damaging. In addition to this, they are also cost-effective equipments widely used in automotive maintenance.

Automotive applications include:

  • Body and Chassis identify damage cracks and rust
  • Clutch - springs of thrust bearing as well as pressure plate
  • Engine - valve damage, head gaskets, cylinder inspection and piston top
  • Transmission and differential seals, shaft bearing inspection, ring and bevel gear inspection
  • The flexible borescope ensures mechanics to identify different problems in easier and accurate manner.

Automobile manufacturers use borescopes for inspecting machined parts to find any defect. They enable manufacturers to prevent defective parts to reach the customers. In addition to this, they also use them for checking assembles line for different machinery problems to reduce downtime and enhance productivity.


Borescope for Aviation and Helicopter

Aircraft need on-condition maintenance that can be done by detecting failures before they happen to ensure preventive maintenance. Borescopes are required to carry-out varied types of inspections during which maintenance personnel any detect the problems to delay the failure and prevent any mishap. It is also ideal to find out any issue and replace the equipment on-time. Borescope inspection of an engine to find any FOD, wear and damage is must. It helps maintaining the durability and reliability of the aircraft gas turbine.

Areas of Borescope Inspection

  • Combustion Chamber: Burner cans are properly tested for any cracks. Fuel nozzles, louvers and other parts, including are also tested for unnecessary coking, damaging, cracking and distortion.
  • Compressor: Compressor blades along with guide vanes are tested for foreign object damage (FOD) and corrosion.
  • Turbine Section: The highest heat levels are experienced in the first stage turbine; hence guide vanes and stationary nozzles can be burnt, cracked, eroded and damaged. Second stage blades are also subjected to rivet cracking and shifting.
  • Modern engines are well-equipped with high-end borescope. Different sizes of diameters ensure proper access of the inspection area of guide tubes to facilitate quick and trouble-free inspections. Proper bore scope inspections reduce aircraft downtimes and also detect service requirements. These visually advanced inspection devices are available with high-quality industrial videoscopes and borescope systems to ensure no inspection of turbines and other hard to access areas.

Borescope for Building inspection

Construction industry deals with continuously increasing safety requirements, hence use of industrial borescopes for inspections has become necessary. This borescopes enable significant examinations of the buildings without stopping or interfering with the construction. Flexible, durable and rigid borescopes are widely used for conducting remote visual inspections to ensure mold in buildings that can be developed behind the walls, under the floors, etc. These borescopes and snake scopes inspections are documented quickly with very less expenses. Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) applications in the construction industry are significant. From air conditioning ducts, ceiling, roof, wall cavities, ventilation systems, floor voids to water tanks, pipes and boiler flues. This is used in the construction industry for inspecting the problems behind the walls like inadequate structural integrity, harmful mold, pests, or mildew. It is important to be used for get the building inspected and find problems.

Borescopes for Barrel Inspections of Rifles

From an avid hunter, firearms manufacturer, target shooter, gunsmith, forensic scientist to rifle collector, these TEXIM borescopes are precious tools to ensure cleaning, proper care and maintenance for rifle barrels. Inspecting the grooves is ideal for finding fouling, erosion, tool-marks and other defects that may affect accuracy. Rigid Borescopes and Rigid Video Borescopes are used in the rifle barrel inspections to check the defects on the gun barrels inner surface easily like ablation, flaw, and rifling damage. These bersocpoes ensures no time-consuming and costly teardown. In addition to this, they also ensure to save money and labor.

Borescopes for Turbine inspections in Power Generation

TEXIM is engaged in offering non-destructive inspection products such as video borescopes, pipe cameras and fiberscopes for power generation applications in nuclear energy, fossil fuels, renewable energy transmission, etc. Our complex inspection solutions are designed to enable power generation customers for maximizing high-efficiency, minimizing downtime and enhancing productivity. With specially designed interchangeable lenses, they ensure thorough inspection of bearings and gears. In combination with the compact series, the user ensures to receive informative images, videos, results, etc. Borescopes and inspection cameras enable engineers for finding the problems quickly and inspecting any issue from corrosion, erosion, pitting, cracking, welding and other defects to ensure to reduce the downtime and enhance scheduled maintenance. To ensure proper access via cramped spaces, compatibility and portability is important. Hence, we provide lightweight, durable and versatile inspection systems to ensure to provide high resolution images in mobile packages. In addition to this, the portability of the systems is ensured with battery operation. They contribute to the cost savings operations with enhanced efficiency, pollution control, reduced maintenance, etc.

Borescope for Security Control

Today, the requirement of detecting bombs (EOD / IEDD) has increased for countering terrorist activities, illegal aliens, smuggling of drugs, etc. This has become a necessary step to ensure safety of the organizations and individuals. For this application, portability and efficacy is obviously important. TEXIM industrial borescopes are lightweight, solid, yet versatile portable systems. They are ideal for rapid deployment. Videoscope and other products incorporate digital image recording and non-conductive materials for gathering evidence. TEXIM industrial variety includes videoscopes and borescopes for lock inspections. In addition to this, video and USB camera units ensure fast and effective inspections. Searches of ships, aircraft, buildings, vehicles, freight, etc. can be carried-out quickly and efficiently. The use of these devices reduces the risks to properties and personnel as well as contributes to the increased safety.

Borescopes for Oil and Gas Industry

Gas and oil sector relies on expensive and intricate machinery and equipment that need high-cost on maintenance and repairing. TEXIM high-quality borescopes are designed for making the job faster and simpler of detecting corrosion and inspecting welds in different conditions. The leading edge inspection solutions enhance efficacy and productivity. In addition to this, they also ensure to enhance safety by solving the toughest inspection challenges. Videoscopes and borescopes are widely used in different applications for inspecting heat exchangers, compressors, condenser tubes, tubes, mud motor, steam turbines, pipelines, etc. These units are used for monitoring different conditions, with video or images for accurately checking the defected area.

Borescopes for Weld Inspection and Quality Control

The quality of welds decides the quality of the device or equipment. Products and components should be welded properly to ensure maximum efficacy. Borescopes are highly valuable in this regard. They are widely used by maintenance technicians for inspecting welds directly and detecting any defect during manufacturing processes. They also ensure to reduce the cost of customer returns and enhance the life of the components. Nondestructive testing (NDT) is used for ensuring the integrity of structural welds in aluminum, steel and titanium. It is also utilized for identifying the incomplete penetration, cracks, and other similar defects. In addition to this, these portable borescopes are used for quickly and easily inspecting welds to ensure full image and video documentation. The welds residual deposits can also be visually inspected with these color videoscopes to ensure to save labor, time and money.