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This Videoscope conveys the video yield to the screen. Videoscopes, then again, are significantly more stun safe than fiberscopes. This implies they can be effortlessly twisted, collapsed and moved without harming them.
Rigid Endoscope
Our Rigid Endoscope is additionally why they have articulating ability that is far better than fiberscopes so much that a client can twist the tip of his gadget in reverse when he needs to.
Dual Lens Borescope
The caught video flag is then brought through the inclusion test to the holding up video show unit. Anyway, our Dual Lens Borescope imagines picture either on worked in screen with high goals, or on extra bigger PC or television screen.
Pipe Borescope
Our Pipe Borescope is predominantly used to check motor barrel, valve, cylinder top, infusion spout, three component impetus, vanishing box, and pipeline and auto body hole. Through visual assessment, it can genuinely mirror the running condition of the auto and different issues.
Digital Boroscope
Top quality picture detecting innovation of our Digital Endoscope, giving ultra clear non lossless picture, can unmistakably and precisely mirror the static picture of the question and dynamic video, and can gather picture data to memory card.